Best Airless Paint Sprayer for professionals Reviews – 2021

Do you have a painting project to improve your home or even a professional undertaking? Which equipment are you planning to use to apply the painting material? Paint brushes, or rollers?

The two can serve this purpose, but it can take a lot of time even when the project is not too large. So, how do you make things go fast and attain desirable results?

An best airless paint sprayer for professional will do. They will make the job easier and fast and also give professional results.

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1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5


2. Graco Magnum 262805 X7


3. HomeRight 2800 C800879


4.Graco Magnum 257025


5. Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO


What is an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless means the compressor of a sprayer doesn’t use air in generating spray pattern. Airless sprayers use high pressure pumps to force paint through the spray gun nozzle resulting in a misty fog that settles after coming into contact with air.

These spraying units can be used with various paint materials except for the ones with textures and grit.

List of 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers Reviews

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5

This airless spraying unit is designed to cater to the needs of professionals and homeowners undertaking DIY projects. Cost-efficiency and high-speed performance are some of the attributes that best describe this sprayer.

It has a fully adjustable pressure capability which gives the user complete control over paint flow. It can handle small and large painting projects whether interiors such as cabinet painting or exterior such as fence painting.

It is fitted with a stainless steel piston pump which allows you to un-thinned paint at high pressure. The material used in making these pumps makes them last for a long time.

Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

There is a power flush adapter which can be connected to a hose for easy and quick cleaning. A properly cleaned sprayer will last for long. An in-handle filter minimizes clogging. Besides, if it happens to clog, you reverse the tip through the RAC IV SwitchTip and continue spraying.

The sprayer has a flexible suction tube which allows direct spraying from the paint container. The spraying unit can be used with a wide range of painting materials ranging from the light ones like a stain to the heavy ones like latex.

However, when using heavy paint materials such as latex, you should mix it with a little bit of water because if it’s too thick, the sprayer will not have the capacity to draw it.

When working outdoors, this sprayer ensures you can cover a wide working area courtesy of its 75 feet hose. It will reduce carrying the spraying around and even facilitate reaching hard-to-access areas with ease. Using the sprayer is easy, and it produces great results.


  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Power Flush adapter
  • RAC IV SwitchTip
  • 75 ft. hose


  • Easy cleanup
  • Durable
  • Reduced over-spray
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Lightweight


  • Lacks wheels

2. Graco Magnum 262805 X7

This is spraying unit can be a good choice for large or outdoor projects because it comes with wheels which facilitates mobility. You can move it around the working site without worrying about weight.

Easy portability means you can fill the 5-gallon paint container to minimize refilling in between spraying. This will save you time. The wheels are heavy duty and can withstand harsh or uneven surfaces which are common with outdoor work settings.

Mobility is further enhanced by the 100-inch paint hose and a lightweight gun. You will not have to drag the whole unit now and then.

The sprayer has a 0.625 HP engine which gives you enough pressure to get a smooth finish on the object you are spraying. The power flash adapter on this equipment enables connection to a hose for easy and fast cleaning. A tilting tube ensures you have continuous flow paint even when the gun is tilted in any angle.

This ensures you reach all the areas of the object you are spraying with ease. If you are spraying a chair, you will not have to turn it upside down to spray the lower part.

The pressure of this spraying unit is fully adjustable to allow the user to have complete control over the flow of the spraying material. The flexibility of the suction tube permits direct spraying from the paint container. The sprayer has a durable and powerful stainless steel pump which permits spraying of paint unthinned at high pressure.


  • Pressure is fully adjustable
  • PushPrime fast start-up button
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Power Flush adapter
  • Wheels and handle for mobility


  • Easy to start and use
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t require paint thinning


  • Relatively heavy due to its big size

3. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879

This airless paint sprayer is fitted with features that make it suitable for a variety of spraying projects such as walls, fences, cabinets, and furniture among others.

All these can be accomplished without too much thinning and at ease. With a ½ horsepower motor and pressure of 2,800 psi, this spraying unit can handle even the large projects you may have.

The 25 hose of this spraying unit enables the user to reach a reasonable distance. The sprayer has a 515 spray tip that generates a pattern width of around 10 inches.

This gives a relatively precise spray pattern. The tip is also reversible which enables it to clear any clogging for reliable performance. To further prevent clogging, there is an inbuilt mesh that filters hence enhancing the quality of the finish.

Pressure and flow of spraying material is controllable through the control knob feature. The user can vary the flow according to the material and the finish they desire to get on the object they are spraying.

The capacity of the paint container of this unit is 5 liters and can sprayer 0.24 gallons within a minute. Wastage and spillage are reduced because there is a drip cup attached to the sprayer to prevent such from occurring.

The inlet valve of this unit is made of ceramic which makes it resistant to water and also is non-sticking. This combined with the reversible tip makes it easy to clean the sprayer. Easy maintenance and the robust structure of the sprayer make it to last for long.

Portability is enhanced through the metallic handle of this unit. It is fitted with strong stands to give the user stability, to avoid problems when working. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 is compatible with a wide range of spraying materials including those based on oil, water or latex. The sprayer can give a professional finish to DIY projects.


  • A ½ motor that generates a pressure of 2800 PSI
  • Pressure control knob
  • Fitted with a drip cup
  • 515 and reversible tip
  • 25 ft. hose
  • Built-in mesh filter
  • 5-liter paint container and 0.24 spray rate per minute


  • Adjustable pressure
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Can tackle heavy duty jobs


  • Thick paint requires thinning

4. Graco Magnum 257025

Control and reliability are the best attributes that can define what a user expects when using this airless spraying unit. It is fitted with an adjustable knob to help in controlling the flow of the paint so that the user can get the finish they desire.

With this capability, the unit can be used to handle any project regardless of its size. It has a paint hose of 50 feet which enables the sprayer to reach hard-to-access areas with ease without causing an interference with the performance of the unit.

Even unthinned paints can be used on this sprayer without the need to water it down. It comes at a compact design which facilitates storage. It weighs 10 lbs which don’t give the user trouble carrying it around.

You can undertake a large project without taking breaks since they won’t get tired easily. Besides, the unit has a 5-gallon paint container which will reduce the breaks for refilling in between the tasks.

The flexible suction tube allows direct painting where you can put it in the paint container and get started. You can take the unit and the paint can at the same time courtesy of the pail hook that it comes with.

The sprayer has a powerful stainless steel piston pump which is the reason the sprayer can easily use unthinned painting materials. The construction material of the pump makes it resistant to rusting and even makes it non-sticky to painting materials. This means it can serve the user for a very long time without the need for replacement.

The spraying unit has a full metal SG2 gun with a filter to prevent clogging the tip. Even if it clogs, Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) tip feature can clear the clog by reversing it. The sprayer is also equipped with a Power Flush Adapter which makes it easy to clean.

The nozzle of the sprayer is flexible such that it can turn either horizontal or vertical in any side which allows the user to apply to spray with ease from any angle.


  • Power Flush Adapter for easy cleaning
  • RAC SwitchTip that prevents clogging
  • Stainless Steel piston pump
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Integrated pail hook
  • Adjustable pressure


  • Compact design
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control and adjust the pressure


  • Can’t handle small projects well

5. Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO

Titan ControlMax is a convenient airless sprayer whose performance is exhibited from its portability to the quality finish pattern it delivers.

This spraying unit is designed with a cart that has wheels, handles, and stand that facilitates easy moving around the working site.

It also has a spraying hose with a length of 50 ft. which makes it easy to cover a large area. The sprayer is well-suited for large projects due to all its functional features.

This spraying unit has High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) system’s new tip technology which minimizes over spraying. This will reduce the mess in the working area and also ensure efficient usage of the painting material hence saving on the cost of undertaking a painting project.

This technology ensures a user gets soft spray, enhanced control, and fine finish. The motor of this spraying unit is 0.6 HP and produces an operating pressure of 1500 PSI pumping 0.33 gallons and 300 gallons yearly. The power generated by this unit is enough to allow a user to use even unthinned painting materials with ease.

The pump housed in a polymer case which has a storage area on top. A user can place accessories such as phone, keys, and other items on this storage.

A replaceable fluid section of this sprayer increases the life of this unit. The unit doesn’t have a paint reservoir but instead allows the user to attach a 1 or 5 gallons container, insert the hose and spray directly from the container.

Lack of a paint reservoir saves the user the trouble of stopping now and then to refill and even relieves him/her the problem of cleaning the paint tank afterward. All they have to clean is the piston and the hose.

The tip of the sprayer is rotatable in any direction. When the users want to spray vertical or horizontal patterns, they don’t have to twist their hand or even turn over the items they are spraying.

This maneuver of twisting the tip prevents clogging the unit by dislodging any solids that may be stuck in the tip. Overall, this airless painting unit makes it easy to undertake painting jobs quickly.


  • High-Efficiency Airless technology
  • Powerful enough to spray unthinned paints
  • Replaceable fluid section
  • Durable pump
  • Flow rate of 0.33 GPM
  • 515 ControlMax tip
  • 50 feet hose
  • Convenient storage compartment


  • Doesn’t require thinning of paint
  • Minimal overspray and splatter
  • Portable
  • Produces consistent spray pattern


  • Power cord and hose are relatively short

Things to Consider Choosing an Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers are not one-size-fits-all equipment. They come in different brands, designs and companies which mean their performance will also vary.

The wide range of these spraying units may leave buyers confused on which to choose. Below are considerations to make when choosing an airless paint sprayer to help you choose one that will best address your painting needs.

Job Size

The size of the painting job you are undertaking is the first consideration you should make when choosing an Airless paint sprayer. The size and capability of the spraying unit determine how fast you get the job done.

If you are undertaking a large spraying project, you can consider going for a large and powerful airless paint sprayer.


Choose an airless paint sprayer that has enough pressure to get the job done within a short time. Check pounds per square inch (PSI) of the spraying unit. The higher the PSI, the powerful the unit is and the better it is for handling large jobs.

However, if you need an airless paint sprayer for small painting projects, the low-pressure unit will do. The pressure should also be adjustable to give you paint flow control.

Power Flush

Power flush facilitates easy cleaning of the hose to prevent drying of paint which can lead to clogging. A good airless paint sprayer should include this feature.

Paint Container Capacity

What is the capacity of the spraying unit of your choice? A good airless paint sprayer should have a paint container that has enough capacity to minimize refills in between working.

However, remember the more the capacity the heavy the unit will be which can hinder mobility. You should therefore ensure mobility is taken care of with a large paint container through means such as wheels or a hose with enough length to cover a long distance.

Painting Material Compatibility

What material are you planning to apply on your furniture or the place you are spraying? Check the compatibility of the unit before buying to avoid purchasing a tool that won’t address your needs well.

Spray Pattern

Most airless paint sprayers support horizontal, vertical, and horizontal spray patterns. The patterns are important for a sprayer to have them to give you an easy time in undertaking your painting project.

Having a unit with all these will enable you to choose the pattern that best suits your situation every time.

Style of the Paint Container

Paint reservoirs can be positioned on the top of the spray gun or below it. Top of the spray gun position is challenging to handle and control but have the benefit of avoiding paint-air mix-up hence reducing overspray.

The below-the-gun position facilitates portability and holding but again allows paint-air mix-up which can result in an overspray.

Length of the Hose

The hose of a good airless paint sprayer should have enough length to enable you to reach all the places of the object you are spraying with ease. This is especially true if you are looking for an airless sprayer to paint a fence.

Airless sprayer size and storage

A good airless paint sprayer should have a size that allows it to fit well in your working environment and allow easy storage.


After checking all the features of an airless paint sprayer, check its price to know when it matches what the spraying unit is offering. This will prevent you from choosing an expensive spraying unit that doesn’t perform well simply because you thought expensive is the best.

Who Needs an Airless Paint Sprayer and Why?

A professional airless paint sprayer is a handy tool for homeowners and professionals contractors in various fields undertaking projects such as chemical, industrial or chemical.

The versatility of this painting equipment makes them suitable for undertaking staining and other painting purposes.

This spraying unit makes painting easy by speeding up the job and does that in a perfect approach. The time one would have spent in applying paint using a brush or a roller is shortened by almost twice and also produces a fine finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I use to clean my Airless paint sprayer and how often should the cleaning be done?

The painting material the unit was spraying determines what to use to clean it. For instance, water should be used to clean the unit if you were using Latex paint, mineral spirits for oil-based materials, and lacquer thinner for lacquer painting material.

Then use a protectant after you are done cleaning the spraying unit. Regarding the cleaning frequency, the unit should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid drying and sticking of the painting material which can make it hard to clean it.

How is not advisable to use chloride paint with an airless paint sprayer?

Some airless paint sprayers have traces of aluminum in their construction. When aluminum and chloride come into contact, the two reacts forming a toxic gas and can cause an explosion when under high pressure.

This explosion may cause serious injuries. The reaction also will wear down the aluminum parts leading to failure of the sprayer.

How can a leaking spray hose be fixed?

Repairing an airless sprayer hose is not recommended. These hoses are exposed to high pressure which means when it is not properly repaired; there are high chances of explosion occurring which can result in injuries. Instead of risking such, replacing it with a new one is highly recommended.

What safety measures should one observe when using an airless paint sprayer?

Direct skin contact with spraying materials should be avoided because it may irritate. This sprayer produces fine sprays and mist which can settle anywhere if it is not well controlled.

As such, users should wear masks, safety glasses, overalls, and other safety clothing when using an airless paint sprayer.

Also cover areas that are not meant to be painted such as doorknobs, sockets, light fixtures or any other place/item that is not part of the painting project you are undertaking.


The airless paint sprayers are handy tools when undertaking a painting project whether a professional one or DIY. They will get the painting job done within a short time and produce a fine finish.

However, only the best airless paint sprayer can achieve this. The guide above gives all the info you need to settle on the airless paint sprayer. The reviewed sprayers are the best in the market and will deliver quality results in any painting project.

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