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Best Extension Ladders

Though you might be the tallest person around or not, some areas are just difficult for us to reach. It does not matter if it’s the high cabinet in the office, the home roof requiring some repairs, having the best extension ladder to aid with the little height is just perfect. In case you are wondering what the extension ladders are, they are those usually used by the librarians or rather attendants at the store to access the high placed shelves.

The point is, this ladder is a must have whether at the office or at home. Simple activities do arise at some point, this implies it will be a good decision to get an extension ladder.

Just like the other items, extension ladders differ extensively in build, size, cost, and design. With a large number of ladders to pick from, you are sure that this is no easy task. Fortunately for you, we have the best 5 extension ladders review to assist you whenever you are going shopping.

5 Top Extension Ladders - Comparison Chart

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1. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder, 15422-001


2. Ohuhu Aluminum 12.5 ft Telescopic Ladder

2 Way to Retract Ladder

3. Xtend & Climb Aluminum 785p Telescoping Ladder


4. OxGord Aluminum 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

Non-slip foot grips

5. Louisville Ladder FE3216 Extension Ladder

Limited warranty.

What is an Extension Ladder?

An extension ladder is a dependent support ladder that is portable and its length is adjustable. It commonly comprises of more than two or two sections put in brackets so designed in order to allow adjustment of the length. The size of the extension ladder is made from the total number of length parts measured from the rails on the side. The sections of the ladder are designed to extend or fit together through the sliding system about the overall length of both sections.

When planning to get a ladder, ensure that you use it in right way whether you are at home or at the office. Also, it is important to know where the electricity cables are, where the extension ladder is going to store, your weight and also how far are you intending to climb.

5 Best Extension Ladder - In Depth Reviews

1. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder, 15422-001

With this type of model ladder 22 changes into a 19-foot expansion ladder, you will enjoy its stability, broad-flared stands, double-pin hinge and the best quality in construction. This is truly a ladder used by two people at the same time.

Additionally, you can utilize the velocity as various sizes of the A-frame,90 -degree ladders, as a scaffold structure or an extension. This ladder does the work of five ladders. This ladder is the best quality since it adheres to ANSI and OSHA standards and you are safe since it can support the weight of up to 300 lbs.

This ladder enhances your safety since it also has an air deck with a handrail to allow to say safe even when at the top.


  • It has a comfortable standing performance
  • It is not heavy therefore you can move it from room to room
  • Enhanced stability due to the broad-flared bottoms.
  • Has a high holding weight capacity of 300 pounds also its duty rating is IA type


  • Quite heavy when compared to the others.
  • It may prove challenging to carry the ladder into doorways because of the leg width.

2. Ohuhu Aluminum 12.5 ft Telescopic Ladder with a Spring incorporated Locking system

The Ohuhu stands out in any place-just as the name suggests. The ladder is reliable with a lot of fantastic characteristics to match its name. Efficient locking structure with an additional strap- it is commonly known that much of the telescopic ladders are culprits of Finger-pinching individuals when folding them.

But this is not the case with the Ohuhu extension ladder, it utilizes a wise extend and lock mechanism with buttons. All you have to do is press the effortless, soft buttons, strap it using its heavy-work closing strap and then you are good to go.

Coherent 12-step alteration- this extension ladder can be unfolded into a giant of 12.5 foot in just 12 steps. The telescopic ladder is created from a durable and strong alloy of aluminum material for maximum stability, hence this ensures that you are safe every time, thanks to Ohuhu ’s extraordinary broad steps offered.


  • Telescopic structure with anti-pinch pillars of plastic between its steps.
  • Made to meet the safety standards in Europe.
  • Versatile structure complete with an additional, heavy-duty closing strap.
  • It is convenient and lasts long.


  • Quite costly as compared to the other telescopic ladders of its state.

3. Xtend & Climb Aluminum 785p Telescoping Ladder

The Xtend and Climb785p ladder, it is among the Top extension ladder and is 15.5 foot high and can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds. The ladder is sturdy and steady even at its sixth step thus guaranteeing safety as you work.

The telescopic ladder also has a lock indicator with a green and red color to indicate when the ladder is locked in position or not. Besides adding to the beauty of the ladder, the indicator tab improves your safety as well.

Moreover, the 785p Xtend series are designed with aircraft alloy, sturdy, reliable and light in moving it from place to place. Though the ladder is a 15.5 foot, it easily folds back in seconds allowing it to be compact. This extension ladder is lovely to own.


  • It is light to carry around.
  • It meets the OSHA and ANSI standards of safety.
  • Easily folds back to make it compact.
  • Has integrated heavy-duty carrying strap for closure.


  • The ladder is quite costly.

4. OxGord Aluminum 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder - Extendable with a Spring Load Lock Structure

The engineering behind the creation of this ladder renders it unique in a lot of ways that you could possibly imagine. It folds easily to seven positions that are convenient, rendering it perfect for a lot of applications. If you are shopping for an extension ladder that does it all, this ladder is what you should check out.

Seven alterations- extension ladders should add some extra height to your life, but how about if you got an item which can do more? The OxGord does. It is utilized in seven variant ways inclusive of acting as a bridge that is temporary.it is versatile therefore its perfect for utility in a lot of applications from ground ladders to the construction ones.

Efficient hinge structure- unlike the other extension telescopic ladders, OxGord invo9lves additional hinges which automatically lock in the preferred position as you unfold it. Its conventional hinge structure does not only promote safety to the maximum but also promotes flexibility.

Height alteration of 12.5 foot- besides the OxGord’s ability to conform to all the adjustment available, it also serves as a 12.5-foot reliable ladder for home and work purposes. This is interesting considering the fact that it stands at a foot of 3.33 whenever its folded. This extension ladder also handles a weight of up to 350 pounds when under usage.


  • A highly versatile structure which allows the use of up to seven variant positions.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Strong and also a frame that is light for easy transportation.
  • A height that is portable of 3.33 feet when folded making storing easy.


  • The flexible structure in some way compromises the sturdiness of the ladder-thus not advisable in usage which is close to the optimum weight limit.

5. Louisville Ladder FE3216 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The Louisville ladder has a rope and a pulley extension to allow expansion of the ladder, making you reach those places that are hard to reach. It also has a leveling foot that is movable thus helping you to be balanced firmly. The ladder is also strong making it durable.

The extension ladder fully supports you in case you are a heavy person since it can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds. The ladder also has serrated rungs to avoid slipping during the wet seasons. The ladder provides the stability that you require for all the heavy-duty work.

Moreover, it has a lock that has a fast latch structure to ensure that it stays extended at all times. This makes it perfect for all the home, work and the construction for the maintenance of facilities.


  • Holds up to 300 lbs inclusive of the equipment and user weight.
  • It is in tandem with the ANSI 14.4 and the grade 1 CSA.
  • Resistant mar with end caps.
  • Has steel plates with the swivel shoes for safety.


  • The width between its steps is quite narrow.

How to Choose the Right Extension Ladder?

Consider the maximum height you need the ladder to be so as to effectively satisfy your need. Ladders that are taller are more costly and are also difficult to store. Therefore stay away from the taller ladders if you don’t need it. Length the taller ladders tend to be more costly and are also difficult to store.

The length stated by the manufacturer in the features is the ladder’s maximum length when in its full extension. Due to the fact that extension ladders can be altered, you can put them to at every height in increments of one-inch from about half of the ladder’s length when it's in maximum length.

Leveling structure
Some ladders that can be extended have the built-in leveling mechanism, hence can be utilized in grounds that are uneven. A lot of the mechanisms of leveling have an adjustable part at every leg’s bottom. It is possible to adjust every half of that mechanism for leveling on its own, rendering one ladder side have more length than its counterpart, allowing you to use it climbing a step or ground that is uneven.

Quality extension ladders have to have feet made to lower slipping, the feet are supposed to swivel to allow tipping and digging ends into the ground. This makes it more secure.

Weight rating
Home ladders uniquely have a label indicating the highest weight they can hold. This rating based on according to the standard declared by American National Standards Institute contains these specifications; Type IA (300 Pounds); Type I(250 pounds); type II(225 pounds). To be in tandem with the standards, the ladder’s steps have to resist bending when loaded with the weight that is four times, its load rating and also passes the twisting on sides tests.

But the additional climbing stress and weight adjustment may add to the weight. It is therefore recommended picking the Type IA ladders, in case it is meant for home use.

Who need this product and why?

The extension ladder is perfect for outdoor activities since it can be extended to its reach that height you want to reach. The ladder also would be important to a fireman, home purposes, office use or during construction. The ladder can be extended to offer a platform for keeping equipment as you continue working.

Final Verdict

You can only invest in ladders once and pick the wrong ladder may prompt much pain and loss. This is due to the fact that you are probably going to fall, check all the best-rated ladders intended for extension utility and choose wisely.

Nothing is a lot more pleasant than getting a ladder set up that ensures your safety and offers you the chance to work on your projects conveniently. With your own ladder, you save a lot than renting it where you won't be able to determine its maintenance or the safety. While there is a lot more ladder out there, the above-mentioned extension ladders are more versatile, stable, durable, affordable and reliable.

Before you also get an Best extension ladder it is important to consider factors such as the material, in case you are working near electricity you should use the fiberglass ladders.

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