Best Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors

Most people tend to overlook spraying trim and doors. Fresh paint color will put a finishing touch on a painting job, and having the right equipment is key to ensuring a smooth painting project. A good paint sprayer will help you eliminate brush marks and fairly coat the trim and the door surface, leading to a professional finish. This article introduces an extensive review of some of the best paint sprayers for trim and doors.

Top 5 Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors - Comparison Chart

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1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080

HVLP Paint Sprayer

2. HomeRight C800971.A Paint Sprayer

Larger Capacity

3. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Paint Sprayer

Fast and Easy Clean-Up

4. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Spray Unthinned Paints

5. HomeRight C800766, C900076 Paint Sprayer

Easy to spray and clean

What is Paint Sprayer for Trim and Doors?

A paint sprayer is a piece of work equipment used to spray paint evenly on surfaces. It is an alternative to paintbrushes and rollers. It helps in spreading the paint evenly on previously painted surfaces. You can also use it to do the first paint layer on your trim and door, especially if you are not good with brush strokes. Also, simply because the trim and door surfaces are not accessible using brushes and rollers.

Best Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors 2020 - In Depth Reviews

1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer

If you want a paint sprayer that is easy to use, then Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is a brilliant choice for you. With the HVLP system, the Wagner Spraytech will spray out a sizeable amount of paint while maintaining low pressure.

Its pressure and material flow are adjustable, which makes it useful if you have various projects. It comes with a 20ft hose that allows a comprehensive range of mobility while painting. It has the options of vertical, round, and horizontal sprayer tips.

It is versatile, which means you can use this sprayer on almost all projects. The sprayer is also suitable for priming. You can also use latex paint with this sprayer, thanks to its powerful 2-stage motor.


  • It is adjustable. You can adjust the material flow, sprayer tips, and pressure.
  • Easy to operate because they are intended for homeowners.
  • Powerful. The 2-stage motor is powerful enough to use thinner and latex paints.
  • It has two filters to help keep the dust away. 


  • HVLP sprayers are notorious for over-spraying.

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 will ensure you paint a larger surface in a considerably shorter time. It is worth your money, and best of all, you get a free container to prevent an unnecessary purchase.

2. HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max Extra Power Painter Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight C800971 is one of the best portable and lightweight paint sprayers in the market for your trim and doors. It is small and weighs about 2.7 pounds, which makes it easy on your hands. The HomeRight C800971 comes with three nozzles, the 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 4.0mm nozzles, which can be used for different projects.

It is fully adjustable, which means you can adjust material flow. It comes with three options for air caps; vertical, round, and horizontal. It has a 39-fluid ounce container, allowing you to work longer without needing to refill paint. It is mostly made for homeowners.


  • It comes with Choices for nozzles
  • It is portable and lightweight, making it easy to move around the room.
  • It is easy to use. It is beginner-friendly, which makes it easy to use for homeowners.
  • •It is adjustable.


  • It is not recommended to use for heavy and large projects.

The HomeRight C800971 is an incredible product that ensures portability and comfort while using it. With a variety of colors to choose from, it comes with a 2-year warranty that's a great deal for your hard-earned money.

3. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for an easy to control spraying machine, the Graco Magnum 262800 is your ultimate choice. It has a stainless steel piston pump, which helps in spraying unthinned paint on various surfaces. It has a paint bucket, which is ideal if you are looking to save extra money on painting devices.

It comes with pressures setting variations to choose when using different paints and painting different surfaces. It is made of top-quality materials that do damage easily when wet. Cleaning the device also takes a few minutes.

Its RAC IV switch tip hinders the tip's clogging, allowing you to focus on your project at all times. It comes with a long hose that will enable your mobility around the room and the door surface you are painting.


  • It can be used on large projects
  • It is easy to operate
  • The sprayer is made of top-quality and long-lasting materials
  • You can use it from a distance because of the long hose.
  • It is easy to clean


  • It may overspray the paint.

The Graco Magnum 262800 gives you value for your money too. It is durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces. It requires care while using to prevent over-spraying.

4. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529021 is an efficient paint sprayer that can be used on different projects. It comes with a couple of varying nozzle options, 'the Detail' and the 'iSpray. The iSpray nozzle enables the unit to spray more paint. It is ideal for larger and heavier door and trims painting projects. The Detail nozzle, on the other hand, sprays less paint, making it suitable for a detailed and small painting project.

It comes with vertical, round, and horizontal nozzle spray patterns. Wagner 0529021 is a stationary paint sprayer.

Its turbines stay on the ground while you hold and spray the gun. It is practical when painting large projects since you will go for a long without excess fatigue.

The paint sprayer has an X-Boost Power Feature, making it easy to adjust the material flow and pressure. It has a turbine that allows you enough room to store the two nozzles and the spray gun. It also makes the paint sprayer portable as you are painting your door and trim.


  • It has two nozzles, both the Detail and the iSpray, which come with different spray patterns.
  • It is stationary. The turbine sits on the ground.
  • It is portable. Its turbine has adequate space for you to store the nozzles and the spray gun. 


  • It can be challenging to use.

It is a good paint sprayer and a moderately fair investment. The difficulty in usage, however, if overlooked, then it is the right product.

5. HomeRight C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight is one of the best electric sprayers that leaves an even finish with no brush marks. It uses a 2mm precision brass tip, providing greater performance than the plastic counterparts. The brass nozzles and tips produce a high-quality, consistent spray pattern. They also have wear and super corrosion resistance.

The HomeRight paint sprayer is easy to set up. It can be used to spray a wide variety of materials such as milk paint, enamels, varnish, stain, chalk-type paint, varnish, primers, polyurethane, and clear sealer.

It has a viscosity cup to measure paint thickness easily. It has a material flow knob that is adjustable to increase or decrease the material output. It allows you to customize your paint flow to your needs.

The foam splash guard hinders paint from flowing back, which provides a strong seal that inhibits leaking. The tight seal assists the inflowing of air into the pressurized cup.


  • The paint sprayer is lightweight, which reduces fatigue and allows mobility within the project area.
  • It provides a precise spray pattern, thus creating a fine factory-like finish.
  • It is adjustable
  • It has more pressure and more output, which makes it suitable for home-owners
  • It has a simplified design, which makes it easy for beginners, as well as during cleaning.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • It is not recommended for large projects.

The HomeRight paint sprayer is functional, practical, and value for your money with a 2-year warranty that will ensure you paint even when your sprayer breaks down.

6. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for an efficient and durable paint sprayer, the Graco Magnum 275025 is the right choice. There is a stainless steel piston pump that sprays the paint at elevated pressure. It has a flexible suction tube, which enables spraying straight from any paint bucket.

Its PowerFlush Adapter links to a garden hose for quick and easy cleaning. It has an adjustable pressure to allow control of material flow for unlimited project volume. The RAC IV Switch tip helps in reversing the clogged tip to enable you to spray continuously.

It can support up to 50ft of hose that allows you to paint even the furthest rooms' doors and trim. It has extra storage units that will enable you to store the power cord, additional spray tips, and the spray gun.


  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Fully adjustable for different paint surfaces
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas
  • It is economical with paint.


  • It may cause overspray.

The Graco Magnum 275025 comes with four price options, with each option offering just as much precision performance and value for your cash as the other options.

Things to Consider When Choosing Paint Sprayers for Trim and Doors

Following the above in-depth review of six of the best paint sprayers for trim and doors, you will probably be faced with the challenge of deciding on which one to purchase. You may need to keep in mind several factors and considerations the next time you are in the market for a quality paint sprayer for your trim and doors.

1. Adaptable Pressure

While spraying your trim and doors, you should have a versatile device that will do the job correctly. When purchasing a paint sprayer, ensure it has adjustable pressure; that way, you can adjust the sprayed paint amount. It will give you an overall outstanding performance. The more the pressure, the shorter the amount of time it will take to paint the trim and door and cover a large surface in the same amount of time.

2. Availability of Good Filters

A good filter will help you in avoiding any nozzle clogging in your sprayer. An adequate filter shows that you can maintain spraying since you won’t need to stop regularly to fix the clogging. Furthermore, your paint sprayer will last longer with a filter that will reduce unnecessary damage.

3. Weight

You should buy a paint sprayer that is easy to handle and lightweight, especially if you will be working on large projects that take long. Consider purchasing a paint sprayer that weighs under 4lbs because it will allow you to finish your work without suffering unnecessary fatigue in your hands and shoulders.

4. Size of Sprayer and Project

Buy a paint sprayer that is spacious to hold enough paint; that way, you won't be pausing every once in a while to refill with paint. The only challenge with this is if you purchase one that has a big container for holding paint, it then means that it will be heavier than the smaller option.

The size of the project will also determine the size of the sprayer needed. If it is a large project, you should purchase a sizable paint sprayer with enough paint capacity. If it is a smaller project, a smaller paint sprayer will do, or even the bigger option, just in case you may decide to paint a bigger surface.

5. Uniform Application

When painting, you may encounter areas that may be hard to reach, especially on textured areas. You will ultimately be forced to spray paint to cover all the surfaces evenly; therefore, once you buy your paint sprayer, that spreads paints uniformly and reaches all corners. A good paint sprayer will ensure consistency.

6. Speed and Efficiency

If you are a traditional painter, you should consider digital since a paint sprayer can reach surfaces that a paintbrush won't reach. You should purchase a paint sprayer that has features enabling it to work efficiently over a short time.

7. The length of the hose

A longer hose will enable you to reach far and higher grounds without carrying the sprayer around. It will minimize extra efforts when painting.

8. Power Rating

Power has a considerable impact on the amount of paint delivered by a sprayer. The higher the power, the higher the output volume. High-powered sprayers are capable of spraying large spray patterns, leading to a faster process of coating. The majority of paint sprayers range between 26 and 29 PSI.

9. Tip Size

Airless paint sprayers have a tip that diffuses paint as it leaves the sprayer. The tip size determines the volume of paint being removed and the exact pattern. Choosing the quality tip will ensure a smooth finish and prevents clogging.

Who Needs a Paint Sprayer for Trim and Doors?

A paint sprayer is suitable for homeowners looking to do the paint jobs on their own. You may have hired a painter to paint your trim and doors, and in the process, the painter left unfinished surfaces or brush marks. A paint sprayer is a perfect way to finish the job and ensure uniformity.

New tenants also require a paint sprayer. When you move into a new house, you may find that the color does not match your expectations. It is advisable to seek permission from your landlord before making changes. If allowed, use a paint sprayer to cover the trim and door surfaces to your liking evenly.

FAQs about Your Paint Sprayers

Q. How should a beginner prepare trim and door for painting

Remove furniture from the room as much as possible. Cover the remaining objects and allow space for your equipment and tools. Apply protective paper and masking tape around the edges to protect the walls. Cover the floor surfaces under or near the trim and door. Remove the door and put it across a table, then remove the hardware.

Check for holes or cracks in trim and door. Fill them with puffy if necessary, and sand the rough areas. Wipe clean all the trim and door surfaces and dry them appropriately. To enhance paint adhesion, sand the surface lightly and wipe again to remove dust.

Q.  What tip size should I use to spray paint trim and doors?

A small tip is suitable to achieve an excellent finish with minimal overspray. A 311 size tip will produce a 6-inch fan making it the ideal tip size. If your sprayer has a cap, adjust the sprayer to get a 6-inch fan width.

Q. How much does it cost to spray paint trim and door surfaces?

The cost of supplies range from $200 and $600. With labor, the total cost for having your trim and door painted will be between $350 and $1000. It all depends on the size of the trim and door surfaces you want to be painted. It saves cost if you have your supplies.

Bottom Line

Choosing a good paint sprayer for your trim and door is a challenging affair since there are many options. If you are not well informed, you may end up purchasing a sprayer that is not compatible with your needs and taste. A recommended paint sprayer reduces the chances of disappointments significantly.

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