Best Telescoping Ladder Reviews 2020 – With Comparison Chart

best telescoping ladder

Telescopic ladders give you the option of compactness in transportation and during storage, as well as having the ability to extend upwards to work like ladder whenever required. In case you are to work on those home projects and you have to get a ladder, the best telescoping ladder is ideal for great work. it works for uses like the roof and home repairs, window cleaning and when you need to fit that equipment for security. The most exciting part is the compactness because it only needs small space for transportation and storage.

Just like the other items, telescopic ladders differ extensively in build, size, cost, and design. With a large number of ladders to pick from, you are sure that this is no easy task. Fortunately for you, we have the 5 telescopic ladders review to assist you whenever you are going shopping.

Top 5 Telescoping Ladder - Comparison Chart

Product Name



Editors Ratings

Check Price

1. Xtend & Climb 770P telescoping-ladders

Non-slip end caps

2. Idealchoiceproduct Aluminium Telescoping Ladder

Fully extended

3. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder


4. OxGord Aluminum 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

load capacity: 250 Pounds

5. WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

Smart-Close system

What is a Telescoping Ladder?

A telescoping ladder implies that ladder which slides both outwards and inwards plus it generally has overlapping parts. This permits the person using it to ascertain the height of the ladder so as to efficiently complete the activities that you have to do.

Nearly most ladder types can be regarded as telescoping, for instance, folding ladders, multi-purpose ladders, extension ladders or step ladders. The telescoping ladder is the ideal choice to aid in ascending up to your roofing at home, to check whether there are damage or leaks. 

5 Best Telescoping Ladder - Top In The market

1. Xtend & Climb 770P telescoping-ladders - Best Value

This is much bigger than the Xtend & Climb & 785p. it can also be retracted to close 32 inches when not in use, and therefore allows compactness during storage or its transportation. The ladder also incorporates a green or red blink button to boost safety during operation. It can hold up to 220 pounds. The feet also contain the slip-resistant end caps to allow also features a handle decorated a heavy-duty strap for closure. This ladder is best used for those places that are hard to go around using the normal telescopic ladder.

A lot has been thought about your safety in this ladder, since it can lock or extend on the foot, with as simple, non-pinch closing mechanism. This ladder meets the Type II ANSI/OSHA quality standards. The ladder is also made using aircraft engineered alloy material that has an anodized finish. The ladder also has tough rungs to promote sturdy footing.


  • Feet incorporate slip resistant end caps.
  • It retracts with compactness.
  • Exceeds or meets the OSHA/ANSI standards.
  • Has a none-pinch closing mechanism.
  • The Ladder can also a massive weight of 225 pounds.


  • The locks can be inconsistent after sometime when not well maintained.

2 Idealchoiceproduct 10.5 FT Aluminium Telescopic Telescoping Ladder Extension Steps

The telescoping ladder is a 10.5-foot extendable design. Therefore you can use it for various uses. The ladder is also lightweight, best suited for several homes and offices and its portable. It cooperates a bag, extendable model, easy to use it as well as easy to move it from one place to their other.

The ladder can also be used both during outdoor activities as well as indoor ones. The ladder also locks in various positions allowing for a simple locking system. Apart from that, it collapses to about 3 feet, thus, it is easy for storing and for transportation. To promote safety you only need to keep your hands the side rails.


  • The ladder is lightweight and can be carried from one place to the other.
  • Sturdy hence very durable.
  • It meets the standards of ANSI.
  • Has broad steps to prevent sliding.
  • Holds up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • Has its own bag for storage.


  • It is quite costly as compared to other telescopic ladders.

3. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot

The Xtend and Climb785p ladder, it is among the best telescoping ladder and is 15.5 foot high and can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds. The ladder is sturdy and steady even at its sixth step thus guaranteeing safety as you work.

The telescoping ladder also has a lock indicator with a green and red color to indicate when the ladder is locked in position or not. Besides adding to the beauty of the ladder, the indicator tab improves your safety as well.

Moreover, the 785p Xtend series are designed with aircraft alloy, sturdy, reliable and light in moving it from place to place. Though the ladder is a 15.5 foot, it easily folds back in seconds allowing it to be compact. This extension telescoping ladder is lovely to own.


  • It is light to carry around.
  • It meets the OSHA and ANSI standards of safety.
  • Easily folds back to make it compact.
  • Has integrated heavy-duty carrying strap for closure.
  • None pinch closure structure.


  • The ladder is quite costly.

4. OxGord Aluminum 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder - Extendable with a Spring Load Lock Structure

The engineering behind the creation of this ladder renders it unique in a lot of ways that you could possibly imagine. It folds easily to seven positions that are convenient, rendering it perfect for a lot of applications. If you are shopping for a telescopic ladder that does it all, this ladder is what you should check out.

Seven alterations- extension telescopic ladders should add some extra height to your life, but how about if you got an item which can do more? The OxGord does. It is utilized in seven variant ways inclusive of acting as a bridge that is is versatile therefore its perfect for utility in a lot of applications from ground ladders to the construction ones.

Efficient hinge structure- unlike the other extension telescopic ladders, OxGord invo9lves additional hinges which automatically lock in the preferred position as you unfold it. Its conventional hinge structure does not only promote safety to the maximum but also promotes flexibility.

Height alteration of 12.5 foot- besides the OxGord’s ability to conform to all the adjustment available, it also serves as a 12.5-foot reliable ladder for home and work purposes. This is interesting considering the fact that it stands at a foot of 3.33 whenever its folded. This extension ladder also handles a weight of up to 350 pounds when under usage.


  • A highly versatile structure which allows the use of up to seven variant positions.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Strong and also a frame that is light for easy transportation.


  • The flexible structure in some way compromises the sturdiness of the ladder-thus not advisable in usage which is close to the optimum weight limit.

5. WolfWise 15.5ft Telescoping Ladder, Aluminum Telescopic Extension Tall Multi-Purpose

The retracted size of the Wolfwise telescope ladder is just a length of 37.4 inches, that can be carried on your own with no extra help.additionally, the small ladder footprint makes it easy for storage in the trunk of your car, under the bed and in the storing closets.

It also features 15 steps, with other bottom locks on from rung 2-14. the locks offer the user an option to adjust the ladder’s height to fit particular requirements like repairing lights in the ceiling, hanging or adjusting picture frames and wall painting.

The ladder avoids-the finger pinching-process, to avoid being pinched by the ladder, beginning from the top then progress downward as you fold the ladder. The buttons will also help you to know when it is locked, thus allowing safety.

Despite the lightweight trait and the compactness, the ladder supports even 330 pounds, allows an extension of 15.5 feet quickly, this makes ladder usable by a single person and can be carried outside to work on the roof or easily change the light bulb inside the house.


  • It is made of an aerospace aluminum material which does not corrode easily.
  • Lightweight, hence very portable.
  • Portable, the 15.5 feet easily fold allowing easy transport and storage.


  • The ladder is quite costly.

Before you get an extension ladder it is important to consider factors such as the;

  • The material, in case you are working near electricity you should use the fiberglass telescopic ladders.
  • Length the taller ladders tend to be more costly and are also difficult to store. You can choose the ones that can be expanded.
  • Feet- quality extension and telescopic ladders have to have feet made to lower slipping, the feet are supposed to swivel to allow tipping and digging ends into the ground. This makes it more secure.
  • Leveling structure- check whether the ladder includes a built-in leveling structure, this allows the ladder to be used in grounds that are uneven. In case the ladder’s leg has an adjustable part at its bottom. You c may alter every half of the leveling structure on its own.

How to choose the Right Telescoping Ladder

There are several ladders that are telescoping, therefore in making the perfect pick, you will some tips. Refer to these:

In case you mind having a portable ladder since your line of work is the home repair person, then choose a telescoping ladder that is flexible. The traditional type of ladder lacks flexibility and features a fixed style and design. But, a flexible ladder is much simple and you are able to adjust its height the way you want it. It is possible to utilize a telescoping ladder for both tall and sort building.

Most people prefer to buy the telescoping ladders made out of aluminum since they are not heavy. But in case you will be using your ladder around electricity, then one made of wood or fiberglass is suitable. Always remember if the ladder is wet, it will conduct electricity.

Follow directions
Although a ladder may be rated 300 pounds could fail in case you fail to set it correctly. Go through the manufacturer's instructions and safety data with keenness and ensure that you comprehend them prior to climbing.

Select a telescoping ladder that is tall enough for the work- one which doesn't need you to stretch in a way that loses the ladder’s stability. Actually, stepping over the maximum height of the ladder coherently raises accident odds. The telescoping ladder has to extend 3 feet over the work area.

This factor is very significant when selecting a ladder that is telescoping. Because they come in various brands and kinds, their costs are different. In regard to the budget at hand, you can have the best ladder for the tasks in question, however, it is best to go for the quality.

Choose the right ladder for the intended work
Pick the right model and the tallness of the job to do. And try it prior the purchases. In the step ladders, ascend three steps and keenly change the weight. The ladder has to maintain its form, and not tilt. Look at the telescoping design available at the store and figure how simple it is to shift and lock- also ask whether you may bring it back in case it ends up being difficult to use.

Who need this product and why?

This ladder best suits anyone who is looking to construction, and even business people because the ladder can be used like repairing that roof in your place, construction workers need this type of ladder to reach those places that are difficult. For the Firemen, the telescoping ladder is fire resistant and it is also easy to set up, thus saving time and lives.


You can only invest in ladders once and pick the wrong ladder may prompt much pain and loss. This is due to the fact that you are probably going to fall, check all the best-rated ladders intended for telescopic utility and choose wisely.

Nothing is a lot more pleasant than getting a ladder set up that ensures your safety and offers you the chance to work on your projects conveniently. With your own ladder, you save a lot than renting it where you won't be able to determine its maintenance or the safety. While there is a lot more ladder out there, the above-mentioned best telescoping ladders are more versatile, stable, durable, affordable and reliable.

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