Best Vegetable Scrubbers Reviews 2021 for Your Kitchen

Eating vegetable is always a healthy thing for human but its have to be clean, hygiene. If the vegetables are not clean it can be dangerous for health.

This is why we need to clean them before eating them. When you are worried about clean this vegetable a vegetable scrubber can help you to clean them properly.

Best Vegetable scrubber

The Best vegetable scrubber can help you to wash your vegetable easily and comfortably. It is enjoyable also to clean vegetables in your kitchen using a vegetable scrubber. It can save your time and efforts. If you can choose the perfect one it can protect your money by wasting low-quality scrubber.

Here we are to help you to find a perfect scrubber for your needs. Here is a list of 7 vegetable scrubber reviews with their highlighted feature, pros and cons.

We made the list by a deep research on the internet so you don’t have to waste your time by searching them. You can buy one of them from the list without any confusion.

5 Top Vegetable scrubbers - Comparison Chart

Product Name



Editors Ratings

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1. OXO Good Grips Vegetable scrubber

Easy to hold

2. Casabella Loop Vegetable Brush - 15806

Easy to clean

3. Full Circle The Ring, Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush

earth-friendly material

4. REDECKER Hard and Soft Side Vegetable Brush

scrubs without brushing



What is a vegetable scrubber?

A vegetable scrubber is an important kitchen tool for daily use. A vegetable scrubber helps to clean the vegetable in your kitchen to make them health and hygiene.

A scrubber can clean your vegetable without damaging any fruits or any kitchen tools. A perfect scrubber will help you to reduce your washing time and it will save you money.

7 Best Vegetable scrubbers - In Depth Reviews

1. OXO Good Grips Vegetable scrubber

OXO Good Grips Vegetable scrubber is one of the best scrubbers for your kitchen to wash your vegetables.

This scrubber perfectly cleans your vegetables even harder vegetables like potato, carrot, beets or broccoli, etc.

No matter how hard or soft is the vegetable, it can be rounded or bumpy even this can be odd the surface, it can be wash easily with its soft and flexible body configuration and design.

The OXO God Grip vegetable scrubber comes with Nylon bristles for that the scrubber is sturdy and durable for a long time.

The scrubber is flexible enough and it will fit on your palm perfectly for its no-slip grip rests. The nylon bristles help to clean the vegetable easily and perfectly. This is the best potato scrubber and other vegetables also. This scrubber is dishwasher safe.


  • The nylon bristles clean the vegetable perfectly
  • This scrubber is sturdy and durable
  • Comes with a flexible and non-slip grip that fits on your palm
  • Perfect for any kind of vegetable no matter how hard or soft, big or small is the vegetable
  • Dishwasher safe technology
  • This scrubber comes with different color which looks so lovely
  • Easy to hold and clean
  • Lightweight vegetable scrubber


  • Few users of the scrubber reported that the bristles are started getting rust after a few months of use. You can protect it if you dry and store it perfectly.

2. Casabella Loop Vegetable Brush - 15806

Casabella 15806 Loop Vegetable Brush specially designed to clean vegetables gently. This scrubber comes with long-lasting nylon bristles. The bristles are soft enough for that it clean the vegetable without damaging them.

The scrubber is 6 inches long and easy to store because of its hanging loop on the handle. The handle comes with a hanging loop, comfortable to hold, and easy to use.

To store this scrubber you don’t need much space because of its hanging loop. You can store it anywhere in your kitchen near you for the next use.

The components are used to build this scrubber are high quality and durable. This scrubber is lightweight and strong enough. The design of the scrubber looks so nice and comes with lovely color. The scrubber is easy to clean itself.

Casabella always believes in customer satisfaction. They are providing their service since 1980 with successful and positive reviews from the customer. They always come with a new idea and product with good looking tools. They tried to build multifunctional tools all time to use for multiple purposes.


  • Easy to clean
  • Build with high-quality durable nylon bristles
  • Easy to hold with your hand
  • A versatile scrubber and long-lasting
  • This scrubber is six-inch-long for that it's perfect to wash vegetable in your kitchen
  • Price-friendly scrubber compared with others
  • No battery required to use this scrubber


  • This item can be shipped to some selected country outside the US not available for all country
  • Few users are reported that the bristles are stiff

3. Full Circle The Ring, Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Full Circle Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning scrubber come with a comfortable handle that gives you an enjoyable, easy and quick cleaning experience.

Every material used to build this scrubber is earth-friendly which are bamboo, reusable plant fiber bristles and reusable plastic bristles. This scrubber can clean any kind of vegetable in your kitchen like potato, apple, carrots or anything.

This scrubber helps you to clean your vegetable without damaging them. It can help you to keep your vegetable healthy for your body.

This scrubber spends less energy and it emits less greenhouse gas in production. This product made a responsible choice you the planet and for you also. This tool perfectly washes in warm, soapy water. Just need to dry them perfectly before use.


  • Easy to Clean the vegetable using this scrubber
  • Easy to hold because of its comfortable handle
  • Comes with high-quality, durable and earth-friendly material
  • Cleans any kind of vegetable in your kitchen
  • This scrubber build without harmful coating, dyes, plastic and chemical to keep your family healthy
  • You can replace any little part as its build with replaceable technology
  • Build with replaceable FDA-grade EVA material


  • Few users reported that they found mold after using a few months

4. REDECKER Hard and Soft Side Vegetable Brush

The REDECKER is a versatile scrubber to clean any kind of vegetable. This is a multipurpose scrubber that is divided with different sides one side comes with soft bristles and another side comes with harder bristles.

The soft side helps to clean delicate food like tomato and the harder side helps to clean harder vegetables like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and more.

The REDECKER scrubber builds with high-quality materials which are heat-resistant Tampico and union fiber bristles.

These materials are safe to use in warm water. These materials are strong enough and long-lasting also. This scrubber perfectly fits with your hand and it helps to clean the vegetables easily and quickly.

This not make any scratch on the food even it not damage your vegetables. The REDECKER produced their first scrubber in 1935 since then they are updating their scrubber with new and natural ideas.

They always produce a new idea, design, combination of their products which are earth friendly and price-friendly also. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of them. They are providing better quality customer service for their customer.


  • This scrubber is easy to hold and comfortably fits on your palm
  • Easy to clean the vegetables using this scrubber
  • The materials are used to build this scrubber are durable and sturdiness
  • This scrubber scrubs without brushing
  • Divided with 2 different bristles sides soft and stiff
  • The handle is rounded which comfortable and perfectly fits on your hand
  • This a versatile scrubber which can clean all kinds of vegetable it can be hard or soft


  • REDECKER delivery the product with and sticker on the logo which is very hard to erase and it make a scratch on the logo


TAWASHI vegetable scrubber builds with stiff and durable coconut bristles. Coconut bristles are earth-friendly and it does not make anything harmful. This coconut bristle helps to clean the skin of any kind of vegetable to eat them healthily.

This scrubber is a perfect tool for garden vegetables. You don’t have to worry about toxic and hygiene if you use this scrubber.

The design of the scrubber is so nice and the coconut bristles are joined strongly for that this scrubber is long-lasting and sturdy. It’s perfectly fit on your hand for that it can clean easily quickly.

Cleaning this scrubber is also easy and quick. Storing this tool is not to take much space. You can store it anywhere in your kitchen and you don’t have to worry to dry it. If you store it in any place where air flowed it can easily dry you don’t need to spend extra time to dry.


  • This scrubber is long-lasting and easy to use
  • It’s comfortable and you can easily hold it on your hand
  • The materials are used to build are earth-friendly and it does not emit any unnatural gases.
  • This product launched on the market first in 2011 and then they updated a lot with new features, design and material.
  • Its price-friendly scrubber for its material.
  • It can clean any kind of vegetable it can be harder or softer, it's perfect for the skin of cleaning.


  • After a few months of use, the coconut bristles can be fall apart.

6. Joie Mushroom Brush and Vegetable Scrubber

Joie is a perfect fun and functional mushroom and vegetable scrubber. This made with soft, durable and sturdy nylon bristles that can perfectly and easily clean your vegetable.

This can be your perfect kitchen vegetable cleaning scrubber for your daily life. It makes your kitchen fun for all ages. Storage base is included with this scrubber which helps you to store it easily and you don’t have to worry to dry it.

You can easily clean this scrubber after using and you can store near you for the next use. This is a lightweight scrubber you will love to use. A cap is included with this scrubber which will help you to keep the scrubber safe from dust.


  • This scrubber comes with water-resistant technology
  • Easy to use and clean using this scrubber even it's easy to clean this scrubber after use
  • The materials are durable and it comes with a lightweight
  • It can clean all kind of vegetable, soft or stiff, big or small, mud or dust
  • Dust protected cap is included with this scrubber
  • Storing base is included


  • Dust protected cap can break if its fall down
  • It's unable to cut baby Bella mushroom

7. Vegetable Scrubber Brush : Double Sided Fruit and Vegetable Scrubber

Cestari Vegetable Scrubber comes with double side fruits and vegetable scrubber. This scrubber can be used for multiple purposes to clean all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

A perfect scrubber to clean potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and more. This is a double-sided vegetable cleaning brush so you can use both sides to clean your vegetables.

It comes with rounded shape, flexible and non-slip-grip curve which comfortably fits on your palm and you will enjoy cleaning.

This scrubber comes with no bristles like other scrubbers for that it doesn’t take much time to clean the scrubber and it will not take time to dry. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to sanitize.

This scrubber is a perfectly clean vegetable with thick-skinned roots. To hang it near your sink for next use this scrubber have a hanging loop which makes the scrubber looks nice.

There are no bristles are used to build this scrubber so you don’t need to worry about germs as like others scrubber there can be germs in bristles. You can sanitize it using a high heat water setting of your dishwasher. This scrubber comes with perfect and friendly-price and it can be a perfect product for a healthy life.


  • Rounded heat-resistant green pad can be also used as a costar for the hot item.
  • You can use this scrubber to open tight jar
  • Works to clean all kinds of vegetables.
  • Easily hold on your palm and easy to clean using this even easy to clean itself
  • Comfortable non-slip-grip which is enjoyable
  • Great size to clean all vegetable
  • Don’t make any scratch on your vegetable even not damage comes with this scrubber.
  • It's lightweight and comes with long-lasting, sturdy material


  • A strong fragrance comes from the scrubber while opening the box but it can be removed after a few times of use.

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Buy A Vegetable Scrubber – What’s Things Need To Looks?

Vegetables and fruits are always healthy diet elements for human but most of the time these vegetables and fruits come dirty from the grocery store. To clean them we need a perfect vegetable scrubber.

Buying the right vegetable scrubber is an important thing otherwise you can waste your money buying low-quality scrubber.

There are a few criteria that you have to consider before buying them. If you can check them perfectly then you can get the right scrubber for you. Here we make a list of the criteria which you can consider.


The first and most important thing you have to check is the material of the scrubber. A high-quality scrubber comes high-quality materials that are durable, sturdy and lightweight.

The materials are should be water-resistant and heat resistant also and the important thing why should be perfect to maintain and clean. After cleaning they should be dry easily and quickly. If they don’t dry easily and quickly then you can’t use it next time soon.


The bristles of the scrubbers are important things to clean the vegetables perfectly. If they are not good quality enough then it doesn’t produce a good result. If the bristles are too soft then it can’t clean the vegetables perfectly.

If the bristles are too hard then it can make a scratch on your vegetable even it can damage your vegetables and fruits. The bristles have to be perfect, not much hard not much soft.


To use a scrubber comfortably its handle is important things. The handle should be easy to hold and its have to be non-slip-grip. If the handle comfortably fits on your hand you will enjoy your cleaning experience.

An uncomfortable handle can make pain on your hand if you hold them a long time and is disappointing. Sometimes the scrubbers come with a low-quality handle for that the scrubber can be damaged which can cause waste your money.


A perfect vegetable scrubber comes with a perfect price. You have to compare the build material with the price. A scrubber comes with a low price as its build with price-friendly material.


A vegetable scrubber has to build with durable material to make sure it's durable and sturdy. You don’t have to waste your money if your scrubber is durable. A long-lasting scrubber survives many days which saves your money, you don’t have to buy again and again.

Who Need A Vegetable scrubber?

There are different kinds of scrubber in the market for a different purpose for example Vegetable and fruits scrubber, foot scrubber, algae scrubber to aquarium algae, body scrubber, shower scrubber, scalp scrubber, kitchen scrubber, face scrubber, pore scrubber, electronics scrubber, chainmail scrubber etc.

A vegetable scrubber used to clean vegetables and fruits to keep them healthy for humans.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these 7 are the best vegetable scrubber we searched on the internet. We deeply researched on the internet about them, we checked their design, feature, working process, pros, cons, and more important things and then we finally reached to the final decision.

As we make the list by considering all the things that should be considered so you don’t need to waste your important time to searching. You can buy them without any confusion.

Though these 7 are the best vegetable brush for your needs although we can recommend you to buy OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush as it belongs to the top on the list. It comes to the top of the list because of its build material, design, feature and price. Without any confusion you can but this one. Let’s make your buying decision now.

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